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Sunday, June 22, 2014
Summer Update: Elections
We recently elected a new officer core for fall quarter. Congratulations to the following: Charlie Cox - Pro Consul; Sam Fischer, Alex Selowsky - Social Chairs; Andrew Sierra - Annotator; Jason Klumpp - Risk Manager; Johann Simpson - Kustos; Henry Coggins - Historian; Kush Nijhawan, Johann Simpson, Brett Salazar, Jason Klumpp - Philanthropy Chairs; Daniel Becerra - Alumni Chair. These officers are excited about their new responsibilities and look forward to contributing to a fantastic fall quarter.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Winter Update: New Brothers and Elections
We initiated the Pledge Class of 2014 in the final week of the Fall quarter of last year. The newly initiated brothers joined us in our bi-annual elections this past week and we have elected a new officer core. Congratulations to the following: Palani Eswaran - Consul; Andrew Sierra - Pro Consul; Kevin Bagnall – Annotator; Walker Szurek – Magister; Carlos Girod – Kustos; Johann Simpson – Centurion; Daniel Becerra – House Manager; John Burke Kleinheinz, Jai Sajnani, Brett Salazar, Ian Keanally – Social Chairs; Tyler Shean, Tom Colton, Ali Baqeri, Brad Hammoor – Recruitment Chairs; and Everett Watson – Alumni Chair. All of the officers have taken it upon themselves to take on more duty and improve campus relations and make the rest of the year one of the best in the chapter's history.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Winter Update: New Brothers and Elections
The Alpha Omega Chapter would like to congratulate the Pledge Class of 2013 on their initiation into the Fraternity at the end of Fall Quarter. Additionally, the chapter has held its yearly elections and would also like to congratulate the following brothers on their election to new offices: Rush Moody - Consul; Palani Eswaran - Pro Consul; Damien McGlothlin – Annotator; Patrick Reed – Magister; Walker Szurek – Kustos; Keven Lenahan – Centurion; Patrick McCullough – House Manager; Billy Olson, Charlie Cox, Kevin Bagnall, and Everett Watson – Social Chairs; Ashwin Peres-da-Silva, John Burke Kleinheinz, Walker Szurek – Recruitment Chairs; and Matt Halper – Alumni Chair. The chapter recently completed their annual Ski Trip to Lake Tahoe along with the ladies of TriDelta, and is very excited for the social and philanthropic events on tap for the rest of the quarter.

Sunday, April 22, 2012
Alpha Omega Welcomes its Pledge Class of 2013!
The Alpha Omega Chapter is celebrating the efforts of recruitment chairmen Garrett Delgado, Brad Busby, and Tyler Shean and welcomes its new pledge class for 2013:
  • Nino Abundes
  • Jai Sajnani
  • Jason Block
  • Alex Selowsky
  • Henry Coggins
  • Luis Bourgeois
  • Charles Cox
  • Walker Szurek
  • Sam Fischer
  • Matt Halper
  • Josh Dubin
  • Everett Watson
  • Paton Moody
  • Nick Nguyen
  • Palani Eswaran
  • Damian McGlothlin
  • Mike Kobiela
  • Tom Colton
  • Kevin Bagnall
  • Keven Lenehan
  • Daniel Becerra
Alumni Newsletter Available Online!
Check out our most recent alumni newsletter, available here
Monday, March 14, 2011
The Alpha Omega Chapter recently held its yearly major election cycle and congratulates the following brothers on their election to office: Camilo Cabrera – Consul; Walter Herring - Pro Consul; Patrick Hayes – Annotator; Michael Philips – Magister; Karl Francel – Kustos; Natt Oliver – House Manager; Brad Busby – Tribune; Brady Haugh, Connor Lanman, Garrett Delgado – Social Chairs; Tommy Kramer, P.J. Franklin, Johnny Leganski – Recruitment Chairs; Billy Olson – Public Relations Chair; and Zach Hoberg – Risk Manager. Our chapter recently hosted Mission 365 with facilitator Bob Wilson. Many new concepts were brought to the attention to the juniors and seniors, like addressing the concerns of prospective members, and the recently initiated brothers got a preliminary sense of what Recruitment is like as an active member. Steven Mandell, Consul Emeritus, believes Alpha Omega is now focused on "finding the Sigma Chis among our recruits." This outlook will be applied to Spring Recruitment, which will take place from March 27th to April 9th and host an arcade night, dodgeball, an alumni smoker, and a weekend barbeque, among other events. Alpha Omega is maintaining its strong relationship with Stanford Project on Hunger by doing weekly breakfast feeds at the Palo Alto Opportunity Center and is looking forward to fundraising for the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah through Derby Days 2011 which will host a sorority bake sale and a dunk tank competition. The chapter is also looking to serve as academic mentors and coaches in athletic activities for students of the East Palo Alto Charter School.
Welcome, Pledge Class of 2010!
Sunday, April 25, 2010
After the completion of an extremely successful recruitment period, the Alpha Omega chapter of Sigma Chi is proud to welcome 20 young men as pledges of the Fraternity. Our Magister, Chris Riklin, looks forward to preparing them to be active members, and the chapter as a whole looks forward to getting to know the pledges both during Spring and in the Fall. Congratulations, Pledge Class of 2010, get ready for the best 3 years of your life.
Andrew Adams -- Belmont, MA
Ryan Ballenger -- New
Spring Quarter Update
Saturday, April 3, 2010
While Winter Quarter has been even more cold and wet than what we've come to expect at Stanford, the brothers of Alpha Omega have certainly not let this get us down. The lull that typically accompanies such weather on this beautiful campus couldn't penetrate our Chapter, rejuvenated by changes both on campus and off. We had several brothers return to campus from Australia, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, and Oxford with a new perspective of the world and a new appreciation for college life.
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